• StephanHogenboom

    Hi guys

    June 10, 2016 by StephanHogenboom

    Hi in noticed it is rather quiet here.

    I love this game and I really want to have as much as possible info about the game in this Wikia. If someone is still around editing i'd love to collaborate. I have some experience editing wikia's. See for reference. 

    I hope we make this work.



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  • 72Kore

    Newcomer here!

    November 9, 2015 by 72Kore

    Um...hello. My name's Mixdere-senpai, and I'm a newcomer to this Wikia. And as it seems, this Wikia is still fairly new with some slight grammar mistakes (And I'm guessing not much people here has finished the game yet), so I hope I can make useful contributions here !

    Although I'm a newcomer in this Wikia, I'm not a newbie to this game Blank Dream. To be honest, I just finished this game recently and I currently gone through Ending 5 (The bad ending) and Ending 1 (The best ending a.k.a the True End), so hopefully this is useful !

    Hopefully, I can get along with the people here, and together we can make this Wikia nice and organized! 

    Whoever's reading this, I hope you have a nice day! ^ ^

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  • SuperlyAttachedGlitch77


    September 7, 2015 by SuperlyAttachedGlitch77

    Why hello there... I'm SuperlyAttachedGlitch77 a.k.a. TheGlitch555 here!

    Hmmm... Seems that this wiki needs some more contributors for improvements. No worries. I would like to introduce my self. I'm SuperlyAttachedGlitch77 a.k.a. TheGlitch555. I travel to other wikis for a search of a needed contributor.

    I have now found this very wiki, kind of new but lacks of certain info but its only just the beginning. I would like to be a contributor that could improve this wiki for a better quality of it. I'm a certain bureaucrat and admin of the Stampylongnose Wiki. I've edited there recently and have learned from my past editing experience.

    I'm a professional css coder and editor. (Still I suck at grammar :P) I have made some wikis successful by my f…

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