Wishing that she had never even existed, Mishiro Usui threw herself into the lake. When she came to, she was in the Mirror World, a place neither heaven nor hell. There, her reflection instructed her: "Find the mirrors in this world, and break them."

—Game Introduction
The Mirror World is a place which features itself to the player as an another chance to live or more as a trial world. It is said to be a place neither heaven nor hell and is shown as such after the explanation of Mishiro's death, making its official debut right from the start of the game. This is where the player and the game's protagonist is placed when the game first begins. There are few people in this mirror world, all of whom are too scared to try and find a way out. The world contains different realms for the mirrors to be found and many puzzles to solve to proceed on throughout the game. What a mysterious world it is...

Mirrors Edit

In this world, Mishiro's objective is to find all the mirrors and break them in order to return to the real world. The mirrors are the key to her escape. The mirrors are usually gotten to by exploring each individual realm and solving the puzzles presented. Each of the mirrors contains Mishiro's memories, and in those memories the player must find a way to destroy themself.

Realms Edit

Their are six realms in total in Mirror World. They contain each of the 6 needed mirrors. The 6 realms of Mirror World are:

  1. Realm of Greenery
  2. Realm of Beauty
  3. Realm of Love
  4. Realm of Spirits
  5. Realm of Blood
  6. Realm of Death

Notes Edit

As you find Mishiro's 6 mirrors, you may encounter other people and their mirrors. These people's mirrors can only be broken if accompanied by them. Breaking them is not necessary to the game, but doing so will get you the best ending.

Also note that each realm has tricky puzzles and hidden traps. So try to be careful along the way!