The Realm of Blood is one of the known realms within the Mirror World and one of the unlockable areas that Mishiro can investigate in. The Realm of Blood contains one of Mishiro's mirrors that is hidden deep within it.

The Realm of Blood can only be unlocked if the player has the Golden Key. Once it is unlocked, they are now free to investigate and find Mishiro's next mirror.

The Bloody HallsEdit

"Who... Are. You...?"
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The Last MirrorEdit

2 Years Ago... A Middle School

Once Mishiro looks through her last mirror, she is taken back 2 years ago when she was still in middle school.

Three students will be seen surrounding Mishiro. One of them notes that she is late, but Mishiro reasons that she had gym class. Not caring about what she had gone through, the student demands that she hand them their homework. When Mishiro hands them their homework, the student in front of her sarcastically thanks her, adding that she has to pay them a thousand yen for every wrong answer she makes on their homework, stating that she is rich and will have no problem with money.

Mishiro then thinks to herself what she is doing and why she is letting herself be treated like a slave to them. Noticing Mishiro, one of the students loudly asks her if she is listening, chiding her for spacing out again and insulting her. She then berates Mishiro for not standing out more due to her behavior. Mishiro once again thinks to herself and reveals that she has been dealing with them for three months now but says that they are likely letting out stress for the upcoming exams, even stating in her thought that they might not even go to High School like her.

Mishiro then continues her thought by adding that she will let all of this slide for now, then adding that her grandfather, Rinzou Usui, had just passed away, leaving her family in turmoil over his inheritance.