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檜原 虚





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Utsuro Hinohara (檜原 虚) is Ayato Hinohara's sister and the creator of the Mirror World.

Appearance Edit

Utsuro seems to be affected by albinism, as she has pale white skin and hair. She has long eyelashes and red eyes, and wears the same uniform that Yuzu wears, as they both attended the same middle school.


Described as having a mysterious air about her, Utsuro is a girl of a few words, with a look of indifference always on her face. She is shown to have great disdain for her mother and her biological father (who is also her grandfather), and indeed her own existence. It is unknown if she reciprocates Yuzu's feelings, but she does not reproach them.

History Edit


Utsuro as a ghost in the Realm of Beauty.

Utsuro was born from a troubled relationship between a girl and her father, Tamaki and Rinzou, and therefore felt she should never have existed. While alive, her younger brother, Ayato, loved to use her as a model for his paintings. Utsuro was close friends with Yuzu, another girl who appears inside the Mirror World. Yuzu is revealed to have been in love with Utsuro, though she was afraid to ever admit it.   Utsuro was killed by her mother beside the Mirror Lake, creating the Mirror World from her intense desire and wish to never have existed. Utsuro was never able to find and destroy her mirrors, trapping her inside the Mirror World, and never granting her own wish. Because she never escaped, the Mirror World continued to exist, trapping souls who had also died with an intense wish.

When Mishiro comes to the Mirror World, the world chooses her as its new center, leaving Utsuro as a dark spirit, twisted from years of being trapped, unable to feel peace. Utsuro appears several times in the Mirror World, as a dark spirit inside the Realm of Beauty, patrolling an area filled with broken glass and dilapidated shelves. Once successfully sneaking around her and getting the blue paint, Mishiro will hear Utsuro yelling at her to leave.

Her second appearance is in the Realm of Death, once again patrolling the area filled with broken glass and bookshelves. Mishiro needs to avoid Utsuro, but she also needs the date required by the statue to make it disappear. This date (0612) can be found among the shelves if the player looks through all of them.



  • The kanji of Utsuro's name (虚) means "hollow". It can also mean "empty" or "blank".